AAP Program Information

What is Cooper’s AAP center?

  • It is based on three PBL units per year to address gifted learners’ needs for skills extensions, problem-solving, sustained inquiry, student choice, reflection, revision, and authentic presentations.
  • It is cross-curricular in nature to provide a meaningfully interdisciplinary experience for students.
  • It focuses on the Portrait of a Graduate to help develop students into informed, productive, and responsible citizens through collaboration, communication, citizenship, responsibility, creativity, and critical thinking.
  • It is rigorous to challenge students in ways that effectively help facilitate growth while teaching students to embrace difficulty.
  • It is tailored to instill resilience within students through opportunities for reflection and revision. Assignments are meant to show that there is room for improvement.
  • It is based solely on FCPS Eligibility-- there is no principal placement.
  • It is clustered so that students are guaranteed a true AAP experience in their teamed core classes-- Civics, English, and Science-- while providing students the opportunity to test into high school level math courses.
  • It is designed to facilitate deeper learning and to engage the mind, build initiative, develop managerial skills, refine life skills, and promote problem-solving.
  • Its units are created with a multitude of assessment types, both individual and collaborative in nature, to ensure the advanced students are growing socially and emotionally in addition to academically. Students set both group and personal goals.

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