Record Request and Private School Application Process

Private School Application Process

Please review all of the required forms below, all forms must be submitted to your school counselor &/or teacher a minimum of 10 school days before the due date.  Please plan ahead as school holidays/winter break do not count towards school days. 

  1. Complete the "Private School Request Form" and email it to your school counselor 
  2. Complete the "Parent Consent Form: SS-SE79" and email it to your school counselor.
  3. If a Teacher AND/OR Counselor/Principal Letter of Recommendation is required, submit “Request for Teacher Letter of Recommendation Form” & any required emails directly to the teacher and/or counselor. 

**Please submit the "Private School Request Form" & the "Consent for Release of Educational Records" form to your school counselor PRIOR to requesting a recommendation from your teacher.**

Request for Academic Records

If you are moving or transferring to a new school, requests for student academic records may be directed to the registrar, Annie Eisman. There is a 5 day turn around time. If you would prefer copies mailed, please provide us with a stamped, addressed envelope. Requests for student medical records should be directed to the registrar as well.