Record Request and Private School Application Process

Request for Academic Records

If you are moving or transferring to a new school requests for student academic records may be directed to the registrar in our Student Services Office, (703-442-5812). There is a 5 day turn around time, so please plan accordingly. If you want copies mailed, please be sure to provide us with a stamped, addressed envelope. Requests for student medical records also should be directed to the registrar. If you are currently applying to private schools please follow the instructions listed below to complete the process.

Private School Application Process

Cooper Middle School requires several additional documents in order to most effectively accommodate your requests in a timely manner. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

  1. Submit completed/signed documents with applicable stamped envelopes listed below at least two weeks prior to the school deadline to your child’s school counselor.  
  2. If a principal recommendation letter is required, students must submit the Request for Principal Recommendation directly to his/her school counselor (not the principal)
  3. If a teacher recommendation letter is required, students are required to submit the Request for Teacher Recommendation or Request for ENGLISH Teacher Recommendation directly to the teacher being asked to write the letter at least two weeks prior to any deadline. Please note that teachers are permitted two weeks to complete letters of recommendation, we are not responsible for any letters submitted late to the receiving school due to a late submission of this request form.