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Parent Resource on Characteristics of Gifted Children & How to Nurture Those Gifts

Characteristics of a Gifted Learner

  • They acquire and retain information quickly and easily
  • They are inquisitive; often searching for significance
  • They enjoy problem-solving, conceptualize abstract concepts, & synthesize information
  • They have a large, facile vocabulary
  • They demonstrate an intense concentration on tasks
  • They are creative and innovative
  • They have diverse interests and abilities
  • They have high expectations of themselves and others
  • They are intrinsically motivated
  • They demonstrate sensitivity, empathy and a desire to be accepted by others
  • They usually have a strong sense of humor
  • They have a high energy level

Suggestions for Parental Support

  • Encourage your child to take risks and do hard things
  • Encourage development of positive interests
  • Explore acceleration options
  • Expose the child to the creative arts
  • Help your child de-stress
  • Provide a positive family environment
  • Meet with other parents of gifted children
  • Encourage and facilitate friendships with peers
  • Communicate positively with your child’s school

Resources for Further Information