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A note from Mr. Frengel, the After School Specialist

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to the students for all your hard work in the school year and in the after-school program this year. While I was sad to see it end so quickly, there was a lot to celebrate. There were several state and national tournaments we were preparing for and many successful tournaments we had competed in for things like Science Olympiad, Math Counts, Model UN, Quiz Bowl, and the new Debate Team.

Also, the students just seemed to really enjoy themselves with whatever they found to do. Sports, Drama, Art, and everything in between had students coming and staying. As the specialist for your community, it was fun to watch. Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives in some small way.

While I also know that they are technically our “Rival School” I wanted to send a friendly shout out to our neighbors over at Longfellow Middle for being willing to have another go at the basketball game this year. Hey, maybe next year??? After all, I hear you have a trophy that we need to get back…

Above all, I wanted to take this time to say stay well. Take a breath, stay at home, and enjoy the little things. Please take the time to reconnect with your family, I hear they’ve missed you while you were busy. We will get back to it all soon enough, but for right now be present in the moment and take stock of all the good things you have and what you accomplished. 

See you soon.

Mr. Frengel …. Or as you know me…. The guy who handed out the snacks.

Community Use of Cooper MS

After School Activities 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
 A Session Single Session A Session A Session Single Session
2:30-3:30 2:30-4:30 Parent Pick Up 2:30-3:30 2:30-3:30

2:30-4:30 Parent Pick up

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
B Session No B Session B Session B Session No B Session
3:30-4:30   3:30-4:30 3:30-4:30  

Late Bus


Late Bus

Late Bus


This Schedule is subject to change and some activities schedules will vary.

* The activity may have a set list of participants, such as a cast or team roster.