Procedures and policies regarding student attendance

All students are expected to be in school each day. If a student is going to be absent from school, his/her parent or guardian should call 703-442-5858 to record a message on our 24-hour Attendance Line or send a detailed message about the absence to If a parent or guardian does not call or email the school, a written excuse is required. The written excuse must be submitted to the main office on the first day of the student’s return to school. All students arriving late and/or leaving early must sign in/out in the main office. If someone else (sister, brother, aunt, neighbor, etc.) picks up a student, they must have a note from the parent/guardian and present a picture ID.

Students are expected to make up work when absent.

Excused absences include: Illness of a student, death in the family, doctor/dental appointment, observance of religious holiday, suspension (except for certain substance abuse violations)

Unexcused absences include: All-day truancy, class truancy, missing a ride on the bus, alarm not working, heavy traffic.

Report an Absence


Attendance Questions/Concerns