Our Mission, Vision, and Beliefs

Mission Statement

The Cooper Middle School Mission focuses on the nurturing and preparation of our students, helping them to function as informed, productive, and responsible citizens.

Vision Statement

Cooper Middle School is committed to every student participating in a quality education program with levels of challenges that are appropriate to the student’s talents and current level of understanding.  In an environment where these unique talents and interests can be enhanced, each student will aspire to achieve high academic standards.

  • An atmosphere conducive for learning (where students and teachers enjoy coming to school)
  • A school climate that emulates caring, kindness, respect and responsibility
  • To work collaboratively with departments and/or teams
  • To integrate critical and creative thinking in all subjects
  • To use best practices
  • To continue to improve inclusion
  • To teach executive functioning skills to all students and provide student time to develop these skills (Cooper Time)
  • To be proactive with informing staff, students and parents
  • To be open to new ideas
  • To be flexible
  • To instill a sense of stewardship for our local and global environment and community

    Core Values/ Beliefs

    Cooper staff believes that every student has a unique range of talents and interests that can and should be challenged and enriched in a stimulating learning environment. High expectations for excellence in character, academics, and leadership are vital in creating this environment.